Service FAQ





1. Why is it important to service my vehicle at Mercedes-Benz of Sudbury? 

By Servicing your Mercedes vehicle at an authorized Mercedes dealership, you are ensuring that any parts being replaced will be OEM parts made specifically for your vehicle. Our certified technicians also have access to a vast library of information related to Mercedes vehicles and are specifically trained to work on the Mercedes brand. In addition, if your vehicle is under factory warranty and our techs notice a problem while in for regular service, the repair can be performed for free.


2. How often should I service my vehicle? 

Your Mercedes vehicle has a service interval of 1 year or 20,000 KM – whichever comes first. It may differ for different models but your new vehicle comes with a detailed manual for the owner to familiarise themselves with the recommended intervals.


3. Why is my turn signal blinking faster than usual? 

If your turn signal is blinking fast, this may be a sign that you may have a turning bulb that may be burnt or inoperative. In some cases, the vehicle will give a warning through the instrument cluster that there may be a problem with a burnt bulb. If this problem occurs, please visit the service department to have one of our licenced technicians scan the vehicle and diagnose the problem.


4. Do I need to service my lease vehicle? 

Yes in order to comply with the lease agreements, the owner must follow the service schedule as per Mercedes Benz of Canada. This is to ensure the vehicle is kept to manufacturer specifications.


5. How can I prevent my tires from wearing quickly?

To prevent uneven and premature wear in tires, it is recommended that the vehicle receives an alignment approximately once per year or every 15,000 KM’s. Improper tire alignment will cause vibrations, inaccurate steering, stress to the vehicle’s suspension and will again, increase premature tire wear.


6. How do i make an appointment for service? 

To book an appointment, please call 705.522.7777 to speak with our Service Appointment coordinator or visit our Schedule Service page on our website.


7. How long does my battery last? 

On average,  a typical battery is designed to last four to five years – keep in mind, in our Northern climate this may fluctuate.


8. Are pre-owned vehicles still covered under factory warranty? 

Yes, the vehicle will still be covered under factory warranty only if it is under 4 years or 80,000 KM’s.


9. How long will my brakes last? 

The lifespan of your brake components depends on a wide set of factors – from the type of pads and rotors you have to your personal driving style. Most brake pad companies and mechanics agree that pads typically last between 30,000 KM’s and 60,000 KM’s. Brake rotors can last quit longer (typically as much as 3 times as long as pads), again this depends on many factors like your driving conditions and brake system maintenance.


10. Do you provide a loaner vehicle while my vehicle is in service? 

We currently have three courtesy vehicles in our fleet, unfortunately these cannot be reserved. They are lent our on a first come, first serve basis.



Always remember to check your vehicle service needs in your vehicle service maintenance guide or call 705.522.7777 to speak with one of our service advisors.